ASM Missiological Virtual Forum 2021

  • September 7 – 11, 2021
  • 212 497 5686

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Asian Society of Missiology (ASM) started at the 8th Triennial Convention of Asia Missions Association (AMA) held in Moscow on September 12, 2003 to help churches in Asia become dynamic missionary churches through research, publication, consultation, and education in obedience to the Great Commission. ASM has built up a strong academic network and fellowship among Asian missiologists. It has held a triennial missiological forum in different Asia countries since its first forum in Bangkok, 2007. The year 2021 marks the 18th anniversary and the 6th convention will be held in a virtual world. The theme is “Transformative Mission in the Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Era”.


“Who was I that I could stand in God’s way?” (Acts 11:17, ESV)


Transformative Mission in the Post-Coronavirus Pandemic Era

  1. Family
  2. Church/Religion
  3. School/Education
  4. Media/Communication
  5. Arts/Entertainment
  6. Business/Economy
  7. Government
  1. Introducing academic missiological views of Asian missiologists
  2. Encouraging mission leaders to develop missiological thinking and writing
  3. Developing New Strategies and models
  4. Connecting and Cooperating among missiologists both in and outside of Asia.
  5. Promoting missionary movement among Asian churches
  1. Missiologists
  2. Mission Leaders
  3. Church Leaders
  4. Distinguished Guests
  5. Theological or Missiological Students
  6. General Participants


ASM website:


Dr. Chris Y Sung, Deputy General Secretary



Dr. Steve K Eom, General Secretary


SNS; kseom1


Dr. Daniel Kim, President


2021-9-7 2021-9-11 Asia/Bangkok ASM Missiological Virtual Forum 2021 Testing Different Event Not indicated
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