Dr. Pervaiz Sultan, PhD

  • Mission Theology and Practice
  • Mission in Islamic Context (Islamic and Poverty)
  • Theology and Preaching
  • Theology and Postmodernity

Theses written for the award of degrees

  1. 1997. “The Involvement of the Church of Pakistan in Development: comparative case-study of Multan and Hyderabad Dioceses”. (Ph.D. Thesis)
  2. 1986 “Poverty in Pakistan- a challenge to Christian Ministry” (Westhill  Certificate in Pastoral Studies, Birmingham, thesis)
  3. 1980 “Challenge of the Pir (Leader of Muslim Shrines) to the Pastor” (M. Div. thesis).
  4. “Islam and Modernity in Pakistan”, a 70-pages long article written for the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Oxford (post- doctoral research on ‘Modernity and Mission’,1999)

Published Articles in International Magazines, Books and Dictionaries

  1. “Mission from the Perspective of a Pakistani Christian”, in CTC Bulletin April-August 2008, printed by Christian Conference of Asia-WCC, Thailand.
  2. “A Pakistani Christian’s Perspective on the Cross”, in Jesus and the Cross: Reflection of Christians from Islamic Contexts, edited by David Emmanuel Singh, Regnum Books, P.O. Box 70,
  3. Dictionary entry, “Poverty/Poor”, in The Dictionary of Mission Theology: 2007, Nottingham, IVP
  4. ‘Mission as Reconciliation’ E-magazine of Redcliffe College, Spring, 2007.
  5. “Healing the Nations: Mission and Development”, in Reconciling Mission: 2005, New Delhi, SPCKI
  6. “Small but Significant”, in Rethinking Mission, Summer 2004 (Magazine of the USPG, London)
  • Doctor of Philosophy 1997 (UK)
  • Certificate in Pastoral Studies 1985 (UK)
  • Master of Divinity 1980 (Pakistan)
  • Bachelor of Science 1975 (Pakistan)
  • Pastor since 1980
  • Religious Education Director Lahore Diocese 9 years
  • Theological Educator (Professor of Mission and Theology at St. Thomas Theological College since 1989
  • Principal of Theology College since 1995
title of dissertation

“The Role of the Church in Development: A critical analysis of the Mission practice of Multan and Hyderabad Diocese of the Church of Pakistan from 1970 to 1990”

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies/The Open University UK


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