David Cho Missiological Institute

David Cho Missiological institute(DCMI) was founded to commemorate and study a great advocate leadership of Dr. David J. Cho and research on his development of missionary movement in the Non-Western world. 

DCMI is an evangelical, international, and interdenominational research institute for Asian missions.


Churches in Asia are experiencing unprecedented growth. The purpose of DCMI is to help Asian churches become dynamic missionary churches through the ministries of research, publication, consultation, and education.

what we do


We pursue interdisciplinary research and focus on issues related to Christian missions.



We offer educational seminars that focus on continuing missionary education and leadership development with new insights and practical skills.


We publish the Asian Missions Advance quarterly in English and the Asian Journal of Mission Research in both English and Korean.


We consult churches and mission organizations with new understanding and knowledge of the changing world and missions for effective participation in the mission of God.



We alternate hosting the DCMI forum for our researchers and the Mission Leaders’ Summit for the leaders of missionary organizations in Korea every other year.


We connect church and mission leaders to one another through the participation of the Asia Missions Association and the Asian Society of Missiology.

Our mission

DCMI’s MOTTO is “Asians for the Kingdom of God”.

DCMI’s MISSION is to see Asian churches implement Christ’s Great Commission actively and most effectively in partnership with other churches among every people group of the world, particularly among Asians using their unique resources.

DCMI’s VISION is to help Asian churches become dynamic missionary churches by activities such as 1) research, 2) publication, 3) consultation, and 4) education.


Our experience

Research 87%
Publication 75%
Consultation 63%
Education 50%
Interaction 40%
Others 10%

Our team

Missiological Research for advancing the Kingdom of God