Rev. Boyong Lee, DMiss Candidate

  • Community Development
  • Vietnam folklore culture
  • Organization management
  • 2001 Several Forms of Folk Belief Practice of Viet People in Triec Khuc village, Hanoi: Master Degree’s thesis
  • 2019 Current SIS Fuller Theological Seminary (Korean D.Miss)
  • 2002 Faith Mission Bible College (UK) Completion
  • 2001 Graduated from Vietnam Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (MA)
  • 1993 Graduated from Graduate School of Chongsin Theological Seminary (MDiv eq)
  • 1988 Graduated from Yonsei University, Architectural Engineering (BA)
  • Director of GMS MEKDO Regional Mission Research Institute
  • AM 105 ministry as Secretary-General: missionary training for Asian people
  • 2014~2016 Representative of GMS MEKDO area
  • 2009~2010 Director of GMS MEKDO Regional Mission Research Institute
  • 2009~2016 Youth Cultural Center ministry: After-school classroom provides art and music education to 250 young people
  • 2006~2014 ministry of Korean Language Education Center
  • 2005~2015 Good Neighbors (NGO) Vietnam branch as Country Director: Community Development in Northern Vietnam Minority Villages
title of dissertation

“A Study on Shifting toward a Church-Drived Transformational Community Development Ministry: with Special Reference to Muong and H’mong Tribe Villages of North Vietnam”

Boyong Lee was sent to Vietnam as a GMS missionary in 1996. Initially, he worked in business ministry and Korean education ministry. He received his master’s degree in Vietnamese folk culture from the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Vietnam. From 2005 to 2015, he was a Vietnam Country Director at Good Neighbors, an international NGO. And he was the Regional Director of the MEKDO regional mission field of the GMS. Currently, he works as a team ministry in GMS MEKDO and is the director of the MEKDO Mission Research Center. In addition, with the General Assembly Evangelical Church of Vietnam(North), community development projects are being carried out for the independence of ethnic minority churches. now AM 105 ministry as Secretary-General: missionary training for Asian people.

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