Speakers: Dr. Jonathan Bonk

One of the world’s leading missiologists, Dr. Bonk is the Emeritus Director of the Overseas Ministries Study Center in New Haven, CT. Research Professor of Mission Studies, he is also the immediate past president of the International Association of Mission Studies (IAMS), the editor of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography (DACB), and the editor of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research (IBMR). His best-known book is Money and Missions: Affluence as a Western Missionary Problem.

Lecture Titles:

Lecture I – Affluence as a Problem for Missions and Missionaries? Stating the Case

Lecture II – Missionaries and the Abundance of Possessions: Historical Roots

Lecture III – The Good News of Material Comfort:  Strategic Implications

Lecture IV – Material Inequity in Social Proximity: Biblical/Ethical Considerations

Lecture V – Toward a Theology of the Righteous Rich: Incarnation,
Servanthood, and Credibility


Dates:  April 23(Mon)-24(Tue), 2012 

Venue:Fuller Theological Seminary, Payton Hall 101

Host: East-West Center for Missions Research and Development 

Attendants: Missionaries, Missions’ Leaders, Missions’ Professors, Seminary Students

Contact: Dr. Steve K Eom 1-626-808-2829 kseom1@gmail.com