Speakers: Dr. Charles E. Van Engen

Lecture Titles: 

  1. Introduction: The Missionary church in modern ecclesiology (analysis of Church and church)
  2. The Missionary Essence of the church in historical ecclesiology (analysis of “missio Dei” language)
  3. The Missionary Intention and Dimension of the local church (analysis of “missional church” literature)
  4. The Missionary Purpose of the church (analysis of the internal life of the local church)
  5. The Missionary Role of the church (analysis of the external life of the local church)
  6. The Missionary Life of the church (analysis of goals, ministries, leaders, gifts, fruit of the Holy Spirit)
  7. The Missionary Structures of the church (analysis of “two-structure” theory of Winter)
  8. The Missionary Impact of the church in its global/local contexts (analysis of Kingdom, church, world)

Dates:  February 22(Fri)-23(Sat), 2013

Venue: Fuller Theological Seminary, Payton Hall 101

Host: East-West Center for Missions Research and Development

Attendants: Missionaries, Missions’ Leaders, Missions’ Professors, Seminary Students 

Contact: Dr. Steve K Eom 1-626-808-2829, Rev. Paul Son 626-257-0908, ewcmrd@live.com, ewcmrd.org/seminar