We are glad to bring you all about International Student Ministry on our 62nd issue! In collaboration with Mr. Leiton Chinn, the Lausanne Catalyst for International Student Ministries, we gathered key people working on ISM to share their minds and experiences in doing this ministry to our readers.
In the past century, we have seen the increase in movements of people particularly students towards their pursuit of higher education. Countries like the USA, Canada, China, India and others have benefited greatly from having large numbers of some of the most talented individuals from other countries studying in their universities. Christian churches and missions have seen also a big benefit in ministering to international students.
If those international students who are going to handle key positions in their countries, (especially those which are difficult to access) and in their fields when they return, would be able to receive the love of Christ thru the believers, experience Christian lifestyle thru the teachings of the Bible and be discipled in the church to be confident in sharing Christ to their families and colleagues, then the church would be able to send “well-trained missionaries” who know the culture and language of the people by heart!
In the Philippines, during the 1990’s, there were many international students who are from Iran and Iraq and Palestine, studying medical courses. Considered as “closed” countries to Christianity, it could have been strategic if the churches were able to reach out to these students with the Gospel and the love of the brethren before they returned to their countries.
Engaging in international student ministry is vital to mission because international students and scholars represent the future leadership and influencers of the world, and is one of the greatest opportunities and strategies for global mission with the least amount of financial investment. (https://www.lausanne.org/networks/issues/international-students)
Thank you to our authors for bringing in ISM on our pages! May our readers be challenged to engage on ministering to international students!!

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