All-Asia Missions Consultation, Seoul, Korea, 1973

Having gathered in Seoul from August 27-30, 1973, as Christians with deep concern for the missionary outreach of the Asian churches and having been invited by the Host Committee of Korea for the first All-Asia Mission Consultation, we came from Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Khmer, Malaysia, Philippines, Pakistan, Republic of China, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam:

Being convinced that God our Savior wills that all men should be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth, He having provided salvation for all eternal life, and realizing the work of the Holy Spirit in the mobilization of the Christian community of Asia, and in the expectation of a fresh mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit which expresses itself in a dynamic movement of evangelization of the lost in Asia and other parts of the world;

Having had factual reports from representatives of many Asian countries where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been effectively preached; and realizing that the unfinished task is so tremendous (ninety-eight percent of the population of Asia has so far not responded to Christ); We appeal to the Christian churches in Asia to be involved in the preaching of the Gospel, especially through sending and receiving Asian missionaries to strengthen the witness to the saving power of Christ.

We are compelled by the Holy Spirit to declare that we shall work towards the placing of at least two hundred new Asian missionaries by the end of 1974.

These missionaries will be involved primarily in evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit in order that men and women may come to believe God’s work of grace through Jesus Christ and in turn be agents of evangelism in the fellowship of His Church, the body of Christ. These missionaries will also be sent to plant evangelistic churches where they do not already exist.

To this end, we resolve to appoint a Continuation Committee consisting of seven persons, Dr. Simeon Kang, Dr. Philip Teng, Dr. P. Octavianus, Rev. A Furuyama, Rev. Theodore Williams, Rev. David J. Cho, and Dr. Chandu Ray, to carry out the following functions:

  1. To encourage and assist in the formation of National Associations in every country in Asia, consisting of group of spiritually minded, mature Christians, who will act as advisors to the Christian churches, missions and agencies for receiving, placing, sending and commissioning Asian missionaries.
  2. To work in close cooperation with the Coordinating Office for Asian Evangelization for providing liaison and necessary information for these autonomous National Associations.
  3. To work for the establishment of a Center for Asia in cooperation with Korea International Mission for missionary orientation and research in Seoul, if possible.
  4. To examine carefully, through research and cooperation with the National Association and COFAE, the relationship between East and West missionary enterprises.

Seoul, Korea

August 30, 1973