Dr. David J. Cho (Mr. Mission) has gone to be with his Heavenly Father at his eternal home. I imagine that he must be enjoying his life in heaven and fellowshipping with his beloved ones in Christ. Although we are sad that we can no longer see him, it must be a great joy for him to be with the Heavenly Father and with those who had gone ahead after fighting the good fight serving the Lord. Dr. Cho has left a great legacy in the missionary movement of the church in the 20th and 21st centuries.
The 69th issue of Asian Missions Advance is a collection of tributes to the late Dr. David J. Cho by his close friends, mentees, family and mission leaders. Two articles written by Dr. Cho himself are also included in the current edition. Readers will understand the life and work of Dr. Cho by reading his pilgrimage. He appealed to global churches to restore the way of apostolic mission in the mission of the 21st century.
Timothy K. Park of Fuller Theological Seminary shares how Dr. Cho influenced his life and work. Greg Parsons of Frontier Ventures tells about Dr. Cho’s contributions to global mission. Dr. Jacob Nahuway writes about the ministries he has undertaken and how Dr. Cho had influenced him. Dr. Reuben Ezemadu says that Dr. David J. Cho played a major role in championing the cause of the Two-Thirds World Missions including the missionary movement of African churches. Dr. Seth K. Anyomi also pays tribute to Dr. Cho that “the birthing and empowering of many mission agencies, alliances, national, region and continental may therefore be traced to Dr. David J. Cho.” The late Dr. Dale W. Kietzman recognized Dr. Cho as a leader who established direction as he urged Asian mission leaders to adopt novel ideas for their developing impact on world mission.
Praise be to God who upheld Dr. Cho and used him for the advancement of his kingdom on earth. May the Lord bless readers as they read the tributes rendered to the late Dr. David J. Cho by global mission leaders. May the Lord bless his kingdom workers who are faithfully serving him in the different parts of the world and raise up such leaders as Dr. Cho.

Timothy K. Park

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