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The world is in a state of pain and chaos due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And we are living in unprecedented circumstances while missionary works are to be carried on under the new normal. The 70th issue of Asian Missions Advance contains articles that deals with missions in a suffering world.
Dr. Marvin Newell of the Alliance for the Unreached, wrote about “Missions, Opposition and Persecution During the Global Covid 19 Pandemic,” and tells us that globally, persecution of Christians has
increased during the present coronavirus pandemic (p. 2) and that it “is costly to serve as a crosscultural messenger of Jesus.”
Dr. Ten Yang Tan of the Navigators Malaysia, wrote about “International Students and Covid-19 Pandemic.” In this article Tan tells us that “One of the most vulnerable population groups ignored is international students and that to alleviate the negative impact on these students, he offers practical suggestions of how to serve the international students who are suffering the Covid-19 pandemic away from their homes.
Dr. Juno Wang in her article, “The Moravian Missional Approach for Today’s Missions” introduces the Moravian theories and practices of mission to us so that local churches may learn from the Moravians
for today’s mission.
Mats Tunehag in his article, “The Corona Pandemic & Business As Mission.” tells us that “Many businesses are facing challenges with cashflow, lockdowns, sales, having to let staff go, supply chain disruptions, bankruptcies, et cetera.” These are areas for action as it relates to BAM businesses and the global BAM community. (pp. 20-21)
John Edmiston of the Antioch Internet Bible International and its partner organizations, in his article, “Covid-19, Technology and Missions,” tells us how technology can enable ministry continuity during
the Covid-19 pandemic and similar situations and how some of these technologies may become a permanent feature of Christian ministry. Lastly, Dr. Pervaiz
Sultan of Pakistan wrote on “Pandemic Covid-19: A Missional Challenge for Christians in Pakistan.” and tells us of the effects COVID-19 in Pakistan and calls for Christians to take actions to help the needy.
Although we are uncertain about what is going on, our God is in control of everything. God will turn the unprecedented situation to good. We, God’s missionary people, must heed the work of the Holy Spirit and follow His guidance. May God give us wisdom and insight as we read the articleson our 70th issue. May His kingdom come and His will be done one earth as it is in heaven!

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