MEmooc is launched by the EAST-WEST CENTER FOR MISSIONS Research & Devemopment

Mission Education Massive Open Online Courses (memooc) is dedicated to educating people of God to become effective and productive missionaries. /

  1. memooc is an open mission education community for all.
    memooc provides mission education to Christians of all ages, any time, any place, free of charge.
  2. memooc is committed to developing and providing excellent quality mission education contents. memooc provides customized lectures based on field-based theory and creative Christian mission education concepts.
  3. memooc strives to maximize educational outcome by utilizing an optimized study management platform. memooc provides and manages courses, discussions, Q&As, exams, assignments and memooc On Air by adopting first-rate professional education solution technology.
  4. memooc aims to create an interactive learning community.
    memooc utilizes social media to facilitate face-to-face collaboration between the instructor and learner, and among learners.
  5. memooc balances the learning process through blended learning.
    Main online lectures are followed up by regional offline discussion groups, coaching and forums as a way of obtaining integrated balance for the advancement of both ministry and mission field.
  6. memooc pursues a broader dissemination of mission education and specialization of mission resources.
    memooc is committed to providing both lay Christians and Christian leaders with highly accessible, good quality mission education; and specialized programs to contribute to the qualitative maturation of Korean churches’ mission work.

memooc On Air

Purpose | To raise market place missional generation who can question current issues that derive from cultural contexts from life’s perspectives; find answers from a missional point of view; and experiments in life situations
Method | Find real-time answers and points of application through current issue-related visual media materials in diverse cultural contexts. Materials will be provided by missionaries, mission leaders, missional practitioners and other experts in this area.
Benefits | Participants are provided with a practical and experiential learning experience on living a missional life, and an opportunity to participate in regional offline forums on specific topics.

Open Courses Program
Purpose | To raise Christians who learn about missions and commit to leading a missional life in their daily living
Method | Self-Design Program (SDP) – Participants have the option to establish their own program by selecting courses that pertain to their individual needs.
Benefits | Participants are provided with opportunities for self-directive continuing education and mentoring from course Instructors.

Certificate Program
Purpose | To provide specialized mission education and training
Method | Lectures, reading, assignments, discussions and evaluation – Course credits and program certificates will be granted upon successful completion of each course/program.
Benefits | Participants are provided with specialized mission education according to their specific needs such as prerequisite, recruitment and mobilization, staff development and re-training, mission networking etc.

Nano-degree Program
Purpose | To raise professional missionaries through provision of higher education level courses and field practicum in specialized areas.
Method | Short-term Nano-degree Program – Informal certificate is granted to participants who successfully complete the program.
Benefits | Participants are provided with an opportunity to develop ministry competence in specific areas according to their needs.

Contents Provider

Contents provider can open their courses for the purpose of mission education, mobilization, re-training and outreach.
Learning Support Team
Join memooc as a tutor, curator, platform manager, contents program director, multimedia, administrator etc.
Financial/Prayer Support
Support memooc through donation and prayer.
“memooc aims to utilize the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) approach to provide a blended learning experience (online courses and offline community learning) on diverse topics related to missions. It is my sincere hope that the Korean churches will benefit from memooc in effectively equipping Christian workers to address the diversified needs of today’s mission fields.” (Sung Geol Chun, Director of EWC USA)
“God has been using the Korean church as flag bearers of the evangelism movement to reach out to the non-western areas. However, many missionaries, Christian workers and churches are facing barriers due to lack of sufficient mission education. East-West Center is providing the MEMOOC Program with a goal to provide highly accessible, fine quality online mission education. I hope that you will be able to join us in this endeavor through prayer and donation, and actively use memooc to address your missional ministry needs. Thank you.” (Timothy Kiho Park, Director of EWC International)

For further information, please contact:
Sung-Geol Chun, Director of EWC USA

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