EDITORIAL: Global Mission Strategies

Timothy K. Park, Editor

From April 18-22, 2016, the AMA Manila 2016 was held at the Greenhills Christian Fellowship in Manila, Philippines. The theme of AMA Manila 2016 was ‘Globalization and Mission.’ Almost 200 mission leaders from 26 countries gathered and engaged in dialogues about mission in the 21st century globalized world.

This 52nd issue of Asian Missions Advance include articles written by mission leaders from different countries, ministries and backgrounds. These writers have been affiliated with AMA in the past and the in the most recently held convention. “The Spiritual Pastoral Care of Missionaries” was written by Rev. Elben M. Lenz Cesar who was a TWMA leader in the past. Dr. David Lim who wrote ‘Asia’s House Church Movements Today’ was one of our AMA officers; ‘Leadership Development through the Local Churches for Asian Mission’ by Suraja Raman was presented at last year’s ASM Forum, a commission created by AMA. ‘International Students: A Strategic Component of Diaspora Missions & the Great Commission’ by Leiton E. Chin, who is one of the partners of AMA in doing Asian ministries ‘For the Missionary Movement in Each and Every Asian Country’ by Steve K. Eom, who is our AMA Gen. Secretary. ‘Regional Report: Movement for African National Initiatives’ by Reuben Ezemadu, TWMA’s past Gen. Secretary; and the National Report: Myanmar’ by Thawng Khan Siing which was presented at the Manila Convention .

We are blessed to have gathered these men and woman of missions to give us good materials for our readings and ministries. Our articles speak about various areas in missions: missionary care, house church movements, student ministries, mission and church leaderships, denominations and continental missions.

These articles talk about mission strategies in planting churches and missions organization, evangelism and discipleship locally and globally. Reaching the young and the old, the communities, nations and the world. This is how AMA operates: thru partnerships, support and exchange of information and resources thru writings and talents. Our contributors heartily write about their findings, observations and experiences in order to share with our readers what they think would be helpful and beneficial to missions. We value our authors and their writings and we thank God for them and their ministries!

May readers of Asian Missions Advance understand and appreciate what the Lord has been doing in different parts of the world, particularly in Asia, and learn the strategies both local church pastors and missionaries use in reaching the nations. Our God is a missionary God. He himself and through His servants is actively working to restore his rule among the nations. He will finally restore his rule on earth. “May peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you.” (Ps. 67:3).

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